Field test cases

NTF Bypass filtration on Road Sweepers to prevent valve malfunctions

There are many problems with the hydraulic pumps and valves in road sweepers sticking or blocking completely due to the smaller contamination in the oil. A standard filter package usually filters down to 10-25 microns because large amounts of oil must be able to flow through it. However, critical components such as electronically operated valves, pumps, cylinders, etc. have tolerances of 1-5 microns These disturbances arise because the standard filter does not filter out the 4µ and 6µ particles. As a result, unnecessary warranty claims and end users experience problems and downtime of their machines and sometimes dangerous situations can arise because the machines do not respond in time. Research and practical experience with sweepers and other industrial machines shows that these problems are solved by installing an NTF micro bypass filter.


Mining Industry Test Cases AL Filter systems

Machine breakdowns are among the biggest production issues that mining companys face. These breakdowns, which are often due to contaminated hydraulic fluid, are expensive, both in terms of repair costs and downtime. This may lead to the mining company concluding that it needs to change its oil regularly. Of course, this is costly as well as environmentally unsustainable. It also is not always effective, as contaminants  still left in the system when the oil is drained and new contamination may enter the system.

Agriculture Test Cases AL filter systems on Hydraulic transmission

How to protect your expencive tractor against breakdowns or malfunctions?       A Rear Axel is a hydraulic system with high quality components like proportional valves. But … in de rear axel are also the Wet Brakes ! And…The hydraulic oil is also used for all the equipment behind the tractor. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filters are not always adequate for the demands of the system and can often be buried well within the machinery, meaning the fabrication needs to be dismantled to access the filters.                                                                                                                                                                           .                                                                          

Ground support equipment with TCR GSE Test case ALH filter systems Hydraulic          

TCR developed the idea of GSE (ground support equipment) rental as far back as 1999, before rental was even an option for ground handlers.
Today, TCR is one of the largest company offering a unique and comprehensive range of GSE services that supports customers in a vital aspect of their ground handling processes: the use and operation of their GSE.
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Field Test Cases OLFS systems

Conclusion When you install NTF micro filter systems on your equipment. There are a lot of costs that you will save on: Machine down time Expensive repair costs Oil changes Longer machine life labour costs And thereby significantly increasing the reliabillity and quality of your equipment.
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Field test case Fuel at ESD-SIC BV

ESD is a chemical company where Silicon Carbide is made by fusing a mixture of very pure sand and petroleumcoke at a temperature of about 2500 degrees Celsius. As one of the largest factories in the world, we are also by far the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient producer. Silicon Carbide is used among other things to make cast iron stronger, for grinding wheels, sanding paper and turbos.
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Field Test Cases Hydraulic

80% of hydraulic failures are caused by contamination in the oil. With the use of NTF micro filter systems this can be reduced to almost 5%. And thereby extend the life of the machine and save money on the total cost of ownership.
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Field test case Turbines OLFS ATEX system   

Wingas has experienced that installing the fine filter systems will prevent varnish build-up. Because the water and the smallest dirt particles are removed from the oil. As a result, they have less downtime and the gas turbines have less wear and therefore a longer service life.
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Protect your engine with a NTF bypass filter     

In January 2000, David Stufko installed an NTF Bypass Engine Filter on his rig to extend his oil drain interval and keep his engine clean. He didn’t realize how valuable the filter would end up being.  Then in March 2001, he experienced a liner seal failure in cylinder #1. This was not detected immediately as the NTF
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Protect your engine with a NTF bypass filter     

Reducing oil consumption may not always be the biggest potential cost saving.
In many operations avoiding down-time by reducing break downs is a far more significant cost saving potential.
Like here at the container terminal that has to go on constantly because the next boat is already waiting.
Time often costs much more money!
NTF Filter helps to make your machines more reliable!
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