History and Milestones

2019 European Agricultural application on hydraulic transmission tractors.

New product development in the industrial filtration segment,

resulting in a new flush unit for hydraulic transmission and fuel polish system.

Strong growth in Germany and France for the application of micro filtration on hydraulic transmission from tractors.

2018 Nominations – Awarded 3 New E-Axle Programs

Awarded three (3) New E-Axle projects in Automotive electric vehicles for Europe and the USA.

2017 Strong growth in the automotive and industrial market

Expansion of the production plant in Oscoda, Michigan USA with new large volume automotive projects.

2017 NTF Holding Acquires US OE Market & Industrial Market

Key NTZ Management buys back the American OE automotive business and the Industrial Filtration segment from Frencken.
Company name changes to NTF for all locations.

2014 NTZ is Acquired by the Frencken Group

The Frencken Group, which is listed on the Singapore stock-exchange adds NTZ to its portfolio.
They target expansion in China.

2011 Expansion to a new building due to rapid growth

Larger location for new assembly lines and new winding machines.

2004-2014 Strong growth in the automotive and industrial market

In the following years various projects are added such as Terrex Konecranes,
Getrag, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, BYD, Bugatti, Toyota.

2004 Nomination on DQ250 and DQ200 by Volkswagen

As a result of hard work and collaboration with Volkswagen, NTZ is nominated for the DQ250 and DQ200 DSG automatic gearboxes.
We become the Tier 1 supplier for all automatic gearboxes from VW, Seat, Skoda.

2002 NTZ production relocation from Germany to the Netherlands

Move to larger production location with more office space and a larger laboratory due to the new high volume Ford project.
New machines have been purchased and the laboratory is expanded.

2001 Introduction NTZ at Volkswagen

Due to the unparalleled results of the product at Ford, NTZ becomes a recognized Tier supplier in the automotive industry.
And in 2001, we make an introduction to expand into the European market at Volkswagen

2001 Nomination for OE Filter on Ford F Series Trucks

The technology of our industrial wound filter is developed into a more compact filter for the automotive industry.
It resulted in our first OE Automotive project on the Ford F Series trucks.

2001 Test with Ford and publication SAE paper with Ford

Together with Ford, we started a test on the influence of micro filtration on transmissions.
This was a major breakthrough for NTZ in the American market, and together with Ford, an SAE paper is published.

2000 NTZ goes to USA with help from Lockheed Martin

With the backing of Lockheed Martin, NTZ is introduced to the American market and we start to build our relationships with Ford, General Motors and Detroit Diesel.

1990 NTZ Netherland buys NTZ Germany

In 1990, NTZ Netherland buys the German company NTZ Oel filter Technik.
The production of filters remain in Witten Germany and the head office is established in Maassluis, the Netherlands.

1985 NTZ starts in the Netherlands

In 1985, entrepreneur Pierre Nieuwland, became the distributor in the Netherlands.
NTZ Netherlands BV, together with NTZ Oil filter Technik, develop new products in 1987.
The G series G26,G15 and G08 filters result in 10,000 being sold in 1989.
The need for high efficiency oil filtration is proven.

1973 NTZ starts in Germany

NTZ Oel-Filter-Technik GmbH, West Germany
The letters NTZ represent the original founders, Neuber, Teschen and Zimmer.
Around 1970, Dr. Zimmer developed a bypass filter called the Zimmerfilter, which
was studied in a research program by TH Aken funded by the Federal Ministry
of Research and Technology. It soon revealed that the filter had exceptional
filtering properties. This prototype was modified several times during the investigation,
which ultimately resulted in a commercially applicable microfilter system.

The NTZ/NTF microfilter was born.