Fewer breakdowns, Less wear and tear, Oil can be used longer, Structural cost savings, Longer service life

AL Serie

Bypass filter for low pressure
Hydraulics, Engine,
& Transmission

ALH Serie

Bypass filter for high pressure

ALD  Serie

Inline filter for Fuel
Gasoline, (Bio)Diesel

Filter cartridges

Replacement Filter cartridges
F and P series

OLFS  Serie

Offline units for bulk tanks.
Hydraulics, Fuel & Lube oil

OLFS/6  Serie

Offline unit for bulk tanks.
Hydraulics, fuel and lube oil.

OLFS/6 Serie

Offline unit with water separator
Bulk tank Fuel

OLFS portable

Offline units equipped with trolley

OLFS smart

Offline units equipped with contamination monitor.


Offline units with ATEX zone 2 approval