Superior filtration to improve your performance!

Whether it is engine lube oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oil or diesel fuel, the benefits of the NTF Radial Micro Filter are all based on maintaining a higher quality of the fluid and thereby reducing wear and tear of your equipment.

Fewer breakdowns, less wear and tear, improved performance, less fuel consumption, extended oil change intervals and longer service life all add up to a sustainable operation and structural cost savings.

Nr. 1# Problem solvers

Hydraulic transmission
Blocking or slow working valves. Autocommand, Vario, CVT
With NTF filter these problems belong to the past!

Fuel injectors need fine filtration to save fuel consumption.
Commonrail diesel motors have a lot of problems  with bad working injectors because of contamination

Big machines also need clean oil.
Do not underestimate the impact of the smaller particles in the oil of big machines.
They cause expensive repairs and down time!

What is a micron and what is the difference between filter efficiency and Beta ratio. NTF filter has an official Beta ratio of
B 4µ = 10483 and
B 2µ = 2301


Our range of products offer solutions for a wide range of fluids and applications.

Standard filters typically filter down to 10 microns, leaving 80% of the harmfull solid particle contamination in the oil.

NTF filters are 99,97% efficient in removing solid particles down to 2 microns and remove water content.